VHEMT Graphics

The following images may be freely copied and modified. Attribution appreciated, but not required.

vhemt logo
vhemt logo
VHEMT logo by Nina Paley in collaboration with Les U. Knight.

vhemt logo
Color version created by Rachel Hein.

vhemt logo
Image of Earth in space with color version superimposed created by Lillyrina.

vhemt logo
Negative image created by Carpanix.

Newer version of VHEMT logo by Getch Poole.

Vision in cartoon form by Nina Paley in collaboration with Les U. Knight.

Cartoon colorized by Aaron Hackmann.

Thank you for not breeding
Slogan taken from a San Francisco Bay Area humane society campaign.
Author approves of its application to humans.
Available as bumpersicker.

Unofficial motto of The Movement.
Available as bumpersicker.

vhemt sticker
Name of creator has been lost.

magic button
Thought experiment by Les U. Knight

Middle name of These EXIT Times created for the newsletter’s flag
by Nina Paley in collaboration with Les U. Knight.

A signed and stickered Meritorious Service Award may be ordered from These EXIT Times.

Creative Commons License
These three graphics by Les U. Knight are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

contraceptive pressure gauge
breeding pressure gauge
Graphic of pressure gauges by Richard Watts.

Eco Depth Gauge

Nina Paley’s art used on VHEMT site, with Creative Commons license information.